Co2 Meter


The measuring device makes it possible to measure CO2 content in fermenting tanks, KEG casks and cylindro-conical fermenters (volume percentage or g/l). CO2 content is determined thanks to the measurement of the balance value of temperature and pressure after the mechanical fluttering of CO2 dissolved in beer. CO2 content is read on a nomogram, part of measuring device supply.
Preceding measurement the operator connects the device (with the help of a rubber flexible hose) to the fermeting tank, a cylindro-conical fermenter or to a supplied adapted head for a KEG cask. This head makes it possible to attain a necessary overpressure in the KEG cask securing sample withdrawal. The operator fills a vessel by measured sample of beer (with the help of ball valves). Fluttering is made by shaking the device. After attaining a balance the operator can read the balance value of the pressure and the temperature. CO2 content can be read on the nomogram. You can modify the formula for the calculation of the CO2 content in specific drinks.

The device upkeep is easy and fast. Cleaning the device is comfortable and consists of connecting this device to a water pressure distribution with open ball valves and in a parallel depression of a button placed on the top of a device during the circulation of water. The operator holds the equipment in a vertical position during circulation of water so that the whole vessel can be filled by water. After cleaning you disconnect the device from the water cock and you remove the rest of the rinsing water by turning the device upside down. During the whole time of handling this device during measurement and cleaning the operator has this device hanging by a sling on his neck therefore the operator has both hands free during the measurement. Everyone who works in such working conditions will appreciate it.

Technical parameters: Range of CO2 measurement: 2,0 to 7,8 g/l or in volume percentage.
Range of temperature measurement: -3 to +30 °C or +32 to +86 °F
Range of pressure measurement: 0 to 400 kPa, or in bar or psi or according to customer’s demand from 0 to 1 MPa.
Accuracy of CO2 content measurement: 0,2g/l or +/- 0,02% volume.
Accuracy of temperature measurement: +/- 0,5 °C.
Accuracy of pressure measurement: 2,5%.
Dimensions: 345x210x110 mm (h x w x l).
Weight: 1,7 kg
Equipment: One measuring device, little hoses for withdrawls (2 pieces), user’s guide.
Accessories: Witdrawal head for kegs, pump (not part of supply) only on customer’s demand.
Files: Measuring device analogue – GMAs for measurement of CO2 (CO2 GEHALTEMETER)