CO2 Analogue Measuring Instrument-ICA


Measuring device makes it possible to determine content of

  • Air residue in the bottle neck (EURO, NRW) and cans.
  • CO2 content in beer, in bottles (EURO, NRW) and cans.

Technical parameters:

  • Range of CO2 measurement: 2 to 7.8 g/l or in volume percentage 1 to 4%.
  • Range of temperature measurement: -3 to +50 °C or in °F on demand.
  • Range of pressure measurement: 0 to 400 kPa or in bar or psi on customer’s demand.
  • Accuracy of CO2 content measurement: 0.15 g/l or 0.075 % vol.
  • Accuracy of temperature measurement: 0.5 °C.
  • Accuracy of pressure measurement: 0.6 kPa.
  • Measuring range of gas burette: 0 – 12 ml of air.
  • Accessories: Gas burette (it is not part of the supply) only on customer’s demand.
    Range of suply: The measuring device, centring dish for bottles, interconnecting little hoses (two pieces), adapter, user’s guide (one piece).
    Principle of measurement: The device for determining of the CO2 content is based on the Henry law principle. CO2 is determined by an electronic measurement of the balance value of temperature and pressure after the mechanical fluttering of CO2 which is dissolved in beer.
    Description of equipment: Punch, device stand, a lifting mechanism and parts for securing the mechanical fluttering of the CO2 in beer, a burrete, a vessel for lye, interconnecting little hoses, a mercury etalon and nomogram where one reads the CO2 content.
    Routine during measurement: Preceding measurement, one puts the bottle closed by a stopper under the head of the device with shut ball valves. Stopper is punched by moving around the lifting mechanism. The needle is inserted into the bottle and gases are taken away from the bottle neck into a gas burette which is after the opening of a closing cock. Foam forces out air into the headspace. One can stimulate the creation of foam by partial beer injection by pump with a short stroke of the piston. Content of air residue is determined by absorption of CO2 with the alkaline potassium hydroxide in a gas burrete. After forcing the air by foam from the bottle neck you carry out fluttering of CO2 which is dissolved in beer. This fluttering is started by lifting and forcing-down of the button with arrestment placed on the top of the device. After fluttering you arrest the button into the low position. One reads the pressure value on the manometer. One opens the outlet ball valve and one takes the bottle out of the device and then one measures temperature of beer with a mercury etalon. Lastly one sets the read values of temperature and pressure on a nomogram and reads CO2 content dissolved in beer on the upper scale.
    Device upkeep: Device cleaning is easy and fast after measurement. It consists of connecting the device to a water pressure distribution with parallel open ball valves, and rinsing. At the same time press the button on the top of the device repeatedly during the rinsing process. We disconnect the device of water cock after cleaning.
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