Can Profile Analyzer


State-of-the-art technologyThe Can Profile Analyzer is a computerized, fully-automatic, instrument for measuring an entire can profile, including: beads, flanges, can-height and neck information. The system is designed for can manufacturers, using beads to improve the structural strength of their cans. The system quickly analyzes the can information, providing a clear and accurate view of how well the beading process matches the design specifications.

The user-friendly Can Profile Analyzer is very simple to use. Its’ simple operating procedures allow anyone to perform can profile analysis with minimal training. The small maintenance requirements allows the Can Profile Analyzer to be used in practically any environment.


Very fast measurement process: 8 seconds on a 250mm can
High resolution: 0.015µ (15 micron) resolution
Non contact measurement: Measures the entire profile at full resolution on every single scan!
Fully automatic: No manual adjustment ever required.
User friendly: Measure by pressing a single button.
Operating system: Native Windows 95/98 application
Multilingual: Can be translated into any language.
Research: Measure distances and angles between any two points on the scan
Region-of-interest zooming Browse the scanned profile. 
Export facility: Reports and profiles can be exported
to external research applications.

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