Product Description

With the pH4440 it is possible to measure the pH value, conductivity and redox
potential. During the measurement and calibration, the colour display shows all
of the important information (measured value, temperature, temperature sensor,
condition of the electrodes etc.). The intuitive menu navigation with the tried and
tested 5-key operation makes operation of the device simple. Electrodes available
as an option
Dimensions (WxDxH):(210x150x80) mm
Weight:1.1 kg
pH single rod measuring chain:EGA 141/Pt1000 with integrated temperature sensor.
pH gel electrode:EGA 142/Pt1000 with integrated temperature sensor.
Conductivity electrode:1/cm with Pt1000.
Conductivity electrode:0.1/cm with Pt1000
Buffer solutions:250 ml each, PE bottle   pH 4.01,pH 7.00,pH 9.21
KCl solution:3M, 250 ml, PE bottle

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