B.O.D Incubator


Most versatile for Biochemical Oxygen Demand determinations.  These Cooling Incubators are designed specially for close control of incubation /storage temperatures.  These are used for BOD test, storage of sensitive cultures, vaccines etc; culture of bacteria microorganism and plant life; serum incubation studies and immunological work etc.  There is provided illumination inside the working chamber with the help of CFL.Double wall construction, inner made of Alu/SS and outer M.S beautifully powder coated with adjustable trays.  The instrument is having CFC free refrigeration and heating system with powerful Air circulation for creating positive airflow throughout the working chamber. The unit having a temperature range from 5 0C to 60 0C with an accuracy of +/- 0.5 0C. Kemi Make Micro Processor Digital Temperature Controller cum Indicator controls temperatur