Vessel check ST2


Principle of Operation: The ST2 uses two small ultrasonic sensors bonded or clamped to the outside walls of the vessel – one on the bottom of the vessel and the other on the side, to compensate for variations in sonic velocity and temperature. Signals from the transducers are fed into the processor and displayed locally and/or output to the plant control system. The system calculates the height and volume of the liquid in the tank from the time taken for the signal to be received from the liquid surface.



• Truly non-invasive sensing technique

• Sensors bonded to outside of tank base and side wall

• 20 point calibration table

• Optional local display & keypad

• 4..20mA / 1..5V analogue outputs

• RS485 / 232 Modbus serial communications

• ATEX / IECEx approved sensors for hazardous areas available


• Fast, reliable and accurate tank contents measurement

• Easy installation – no tank break-in, easy retrofit to existing tanks

• No down-time during installation

• No moving parts – little or no maintenance required

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